Bike to School Challenge


What's in it for me?

Besides how fun, healthy, freeing, and good for the planet it is to bike to school, participating in the challenge is also a great way to win PRIZES!!!

And this year, the challenge is not just about how many miles you ride - it's about how many trips to school you make via bike and how many kids ride on Bike to School Day, May 8th! The school with the most trips by the end of May wins its very own bike-blender smoothie party!

Every time you log a trip, your name gets entered into a drawing for awesome prizes. If you log at least 5 trips by the 11th of May (2 weeks into the challenge) you will get an awesome “Get in Gear’” T-shirt for absolutely FREE!**  You can wear this shirt on Bike to School Day, and before, to encourage other people to start riding to school!


The middle school and high school whose students complete the most trips overall will win the extremely prestigious and glorious Golden Pedal Award (cue ooohs and ahhhhs).  This can be displayed in your trophy case for all to see and admire! 

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to ride this May!  Whatever motivates you-whether it’s the feeling of triumph cresting a hill, the environmental benefits of using a bike, or the incredible prizes up for grabs-we want YOU to ride this May!

Can't commit to riding 4 times this month? Join in on the fun for just one day! May 8th is Bike to School Day


** while supplies last